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September 1, 2009, 0 Comments

Blogging. What an incredible opportunity or a total waste of our collective time.

I read blogs. As do you. Sometimes out of necessity to find out what’s happening in a friend’s life, the culture in which we live, or to discover the news we need. Sometimes, it is quite different.

Reading blogs is the 21st century equivalent to the “people watching” which once happened at indoor malls. Only now, many of us do it from a lonely position behind a flickering screen of light emitting diodes.

So, why am I here? Not “meaning of life” here but here in the blogosphere. Well… we will see. My intent is to share my journey’s observations so someone out there will benefit from it. Perhaps in writing I hope to work through some nugget of wisdom that will change a life; mine or yours. Or maybe just because it will be fun. But for whatever reason you stopped by — Thanks.

I’ll be here often. But not so often that I forget that life happens away from this screen more often than on it. Hope you remember that too.

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