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Occasionally on Tuesdays, I will highlight a musician who deserves to be heard. On some weeks, it will be a well-known personality and on others, someone who I think ought to be. Hopefully, I can simply point to someone that you will enjoy and be challenged by in their music.

Rather than host a bunch of music on this blog, I am going to point you to the artist’s site, facebook, myspace, blog, twitter, whatever. To be honest, I hope to simply serve as a gateway for you to some great artists.

First up – Jonathan and Lisa MooreJL

Back in 2004, I spoke at a summer camp where they were leading worship. From the very first meeting, I immediately knew that they were a unique couple. Growing up in church, leading in youth ministry, and being a speaker at camps – I have heard my share of mediocrity in church camp bands. Jonathan and Lisa are the breath of fresh air I was searching for. The big difference they bring is that they know how to lead adults in worship. Never do they allow teenagers, college students, or adults to limp along in worship or fall into the “Jesus is my boyfriend” litany of bad worship songs.

It was a great dynamic. I was there to challenge the students to drive their churches toward revival and their culture toward a great awakening. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Lisa were challenging me every step of the way to worship well before I opened my mouth to speak. In short, they are incredible people.

So, why do I like them?

  • No fancy band name. No rolling entourage. Just Jonathan, Lisa, and some friends on the instruments.
  • Their music is solid theologically. I’ll avoid a soapbox moment here because J & L are simply stellar at speaking truth in song. They labor over the lyrics in their music in order to ensure everything is biblical. I appreaciate musicians who are dedicated to Christ first and then their craft.
  • They are passionate about the right things, namely God and His mission for us.
  • And they are incredibly talented. Click to hear some music on their website page or MySpace page. Just look at all of they have done over the last few years at their About Us page.
  • Jonathan has a powerful voice that can blow the doors down while Lisa’s lilting tones feel angelic in nature.
  • Adversity never holds them back. Jonathan was a prodigal who came home. Lisa is legally blind. But Christ’s love for them shines through in all they do. Read their stories here and here.
  • They love the church.
  • A desire to help those who listen to become more attuned to God, His Word and worshiping well. All of the business end of music is a separate necessity.

I keep their newest CD “Roots” on my desk to pop in about once a week. It is dear to my heart because I know Christ is dear to their hearts. You can find it on their website of just hit iTunes for it.

I call Jonathan and Lisa my friends. Please hit all of their links to check out who they are. You will be glad to worship with them.

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