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December 2, 2009, 0 Comments

Recently, my friend Ed Stetzer and I recorded a podcast for Inside LifeWay.

We were asked to take some time to talk about missional living and the role that love plays into how we live out our faith. During the holiday season filled with clothing sales, endless parties, and inflatable penguins on our front lawns – maybe taking a few moments to think about the grandness of God’s love is a needful respite in your day.

When we wrote Compelled by Love (New Hope Publishers), it seemed to be a good idea. Instead, it turned out to be a significant idea. Leadership Journal named it as one of the three most important books on making missional disciples. Take a closer look at the diagram of the “Missional Tree.” A huge honor!

It was also an opportunity to share some of latest findings from studies done by LifeWay Research. I would like to hear your take on how believers and the church is perceived by the unchurched.

Take a few moments of you day and give a listen to the Inside LifeWay podcast. Just click here.

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