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January 26, 2010, 0 Comments

CNN posted the sobering statistics of the devastation in Haiti. They are difficult to envision.

With my Angie having been there only four months ago, it has been surreal to watch the news footage. In fact, Jonas Noel, the Haitian boy we sponsor through New Missions, lives near the epicenter of the earthquake. We were notified that New Missions would call all those who sponsor a child that died in the earthquake. So far – no phone call. We pray that it never comes.

Jonas is 17 years old, one of nine children, and is attending 5th grade at a New Missions school that was destroyed in the quake. I hope to meet him in person some day.

Please go to the New Missions website and watch the videos produced about their work over the last twenty plus years. You should especially watch “Building a New Haiti.”

Today, CNN posted a summary of what has happened in the raw numbers. It is sobering, sad, and makes me want to go immediately. Please read. Please give. I plan on finding a way to help build a new Haiti. I hope you join the effort.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN) — Two weeks after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake devastated Haiti, the numbers have mounted. The numbers tell stories of death and destruction, as well as a global outpouring of aid.

CNN has compiled the latest, most reliable figures available as the devastation continues to unfold:


150,000: Latest estimate of the death toll, from the Haitian Health Ministry. The European Union and the Pan American Health Organization, which is coordinating the health-sector response, have estimated the quake killed 200,000 people.
194,000: Number of injured
134: Estimated number of people rescued by international search teams since the quake


9 million: Population of Haiti
3 million: Estimated number of people affected by the quake
1.5 million: Homeless people living on streets, including the thousands who lived in slums or makeshift homes prior to the quake
235,000: People who have left Port-au-Prince using free transportation provided by the government. The number who left by private means is undetermined.
At least 50: Aftershocks of magnitude 4.5 or higher that have hit Haiti since the January 12 quake


300,000: Children younger than 2 who need nutritional support
90: Percentage of schools in Port-au-Prince that have been destroyed
497: Haitian orphans who have been evacuated


$1.12 billion: International aid pledges
$783 million: Funds received as of Tuesday
$317 million: U.S. assistance as of Monday


17,000: U.S. military personnel in and around Haiti
8 million: Meals the World Food Programme has delivered to nearly 400,000 people
300: Aid distribution sites that are up and running
130 to 150: Flights arriving every day at the single-runway Port-au-Prince airport with aid


12,000: U.N. workers in the country at the time of the quake
53: U.N. workers still missing
At least 82: U.N. workers confirmed dead
27: U.N. workers injured or hospitalized
11,500: Americans and family members who have been evacuated
4,800: Americans unaccounted for
60: Americans confirmed dead

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