A Humbling Month

June 12, 2012, 0 Comments

I try to refrain from gloating, bragging, and random narcissistic activities as often as possible. So, with this post, my intent is to simply show some gratitude for being in an unusual publishing position. During this month, I have been part of three publications that have been released over the last few days. It is… to say the least… humbling.

If you have been to the blog over the last two weeks, you know that I serve as the general editor of The Mission of God Study Bible. The reasoning behind the study Bible is to introduce people to “mission” and “God as Sender” as major themes in the Scriptures. It includes essays from well-known leaders such as Billy Graham, Matt Chandler, Matthew Barnett, and R.C. Sproul. Also, the features include quotes from Francis Dubose’s “God Who Sends” and essays on varying worldviews.  Over the next few weeks, I will post various essays from the study Bible to give you a glimpse into the study aids that are available from this project.

Also, I was the coauthor of Transformational Discipleship with Eric Geiger and Michael Kelley. After a year of research and months of writing, we were able to produce a book that I think will be helpful to a great deal of churches. Alongside the book, we also produced a four-week DVD-driven curriculum to help groups work through the concepts. And, LifeWay Research has produced the Transformational Discipleship Assessment. The book has great information based on a simple premise: transformational discipleship occurs when truth is applied by a godly leader to a person in a humble posture.

Finally, Ed Stetzer and I revised our previous work entitled Compelled by Love. It has been re-released as Compelled: Living the Mission of God. The original work was chosen to be part of the “missional family tree” outlined by Leadership Journal in 2009. With the new version, we reworked the personal and group reflection section at the each of each chapter. We were also honored to receive endorsements from some great leaders: Jack Hayford of The Foursquare Church, Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, The Rev. Canon William Beasley of The Greenhouse Movement, Jerry Pence of The Wesleyan Church, and Alan Hirsch of Forge Mission Training Network.

Along the way, I have been privileged to meet people who serve as leaders to the church in various traditions within the church. I am honored that they would lend their contributions and endorsements to my hopeful attempts to encourage the church on her mission. At the end of my life, my prayer is that people will not say, “He was a great writer, preacher, and…” but that they will say, “He served a great God.”

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