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The Churched Unleashed in the Buddhist Culture

July 12, 2012, 0 Comments

One of the other features from The Mission of God Study Bible is titled “The Church Unleashed.” It is a series of essays written by missionary personnel from around the globe. The stories they tell are compelling are several levels and I will share some of them here at the blog over the next few months.

Today, I’ll share is from a worker among a Buddhist culture. The person’s name has been withheld in order protect their work and identity because of where the person serves. As you read the essay, please take a few moments to pray for those who share the gospel among Buddhists. It is a difficult work but one that is done joyfully by those who answer God’s call to that mission field. But also, I hope you will pray for your own mission field today. You likely find yourself in very different surroundings than our anonymous friend who ministers among Buddhists. Nevertheless, you live on a mission field. Pray, act, and seize the moments you have today for the gospel.

-submitted from a worker among the Buddhists in Asia, name withheld for personal protection-

One day So Law walked out of his house and noted the many Buddhist families living around him. Being one of the few Christians in that village, his heart was moved by the lostness he saw. He asked himself a question, “Who will tell them about Jesus?” The answer was swift in coming, “Why not you!”

So Law was a layman, a former worker in a local gem mine. He had no theological training or experience in evangelism or church planting. He did not even know where to begin, but he knew his Savior. With a prayer on his lips he determined he would try. He went to a home near him and began to share the gospel. To his amazement the household responded in faith. He went to another home and another and people began to respond to his message. They had never heard the name Jesus or His love for them. Upon hearing it, many responded in faith. God was at work!

As time passed So Law enlisted other unpaid laymen to join him in sharing the gospel house to house. Significant prayer walking often preceded their visitation in new neighborhoods and villages. As they prayed God began to open many hearts to the gospel message. The work experienced major growth over the next few weeks and months. So Law and his team were now baptizing new believers every other month.

Thein joined the team as it began to grow. He had been trained at a theological seminary and brought teaching and organizational skills that were much needed. He organized the evangelists and developed a strategy for church planting in the area. Under his direction the work grew so rapidly that the team could no longer control it. They sought help from local believers of other ethnic groups who had a heart to win the Buddhists. This partnership proved strategic and the work surged.

The church planting team began to disciple the new believers and taught them to share their faith immediately. They gathered together into house church networks with worship services and prayer meetings. New believers continued to win family, friends, and neighbors to Christ. Referrals were given to evangelists to follow up and the work continued to grow. Soon there were more than 2,000 baptized Buddhist converts meeting in more than fourteen house church networks and fifteen to twenty house visitation meetings.

So Law, an untrained layman with an obedient heart, has been used mightily of the Lord to win Buddhists (one of the most resistant people groups to the gospel) for Christ. Today there are more than 3,500 baptized believers meeting in twenty-six house church networks throughout the area. This is perhaps the largest movement of Buddhists to Christ in several decades. It all began with one man who believed God not only could, but that He would! The world is still seeing, “What God can do with one man whose heart is fully yielded to Him.”

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