A Divine Calling to Care

September 28, 2012, 0 Comments

Robertson McQuilken is a name that is likely not known well enough.

He is an educator, scholar, author, and gracious man of faith. Many of his writings have been on the subject of spiritual growth and our life in the Spirit. His work has quietly influenced a great deal of teaching and writing on spiritual growth over the last several decades.

He served as the third president of Columbia International University. In 1990, he resigned for a specific reason: to care for his ailing wife Muriel. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and when the condition progressed to the level of needing full-time care, Robertson stepped into what he felt to be a distinct divine calling to care for her. He wrote about the experience and the spiritual lessons gleaned from it in the book A Promise Kept.

Since the time of Muriel’s passing, McQuilken was named as president emeritus of CIU, continued to write, and continues to teach. I highly recommend that you read anything and everything that he has written.

Below is a two-minute clip from his resignation speech from CIU. It is worth the few moments of our day to be reminded the call to ministry is not about a vocational title but about the totality of our life in Christ.


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