Sunday is not what you think it is

November 16, 2012, 0 Comments

Like many of you, I will be gathering with a church on Sunday. At our church – The Fellowship – I will be teaching during the worship services at our two campuses. The message will be from Acts 14 and will deal with the work of discipleship.

The more I’ve dwelt on the passage and what I’ll say, the more convinced I’ve become that our public gathering is not what I think it is. Maybe you will agree with my thoughts on how Sunday is not what you think it is.

  • Sunday is not the time to be blessed. It is a time but not the only time that the church should minister to one another. Ministry to one another should happen at the pace of life not according to the calendar of the church.
  • Sunday is not the day that to be spiritually fed. Sure that happens but it is unhealthy to only eat once a week. It is when we have a family meal of the Word but not the only time to dwell on the Scriptures.
  • Sunday is not the hour that our Bible study group gets together. Perhaps it is the one time of the week that you are all physically together but it should not be the only time that you see others in your group.
  • Sunday is not the day to worship. It is the day to worship collectively as the church but not the only time we are to worship. Our Christ deserves songs, blessing, and sacrifices in every day, every moment of life.
  • Sunday—if you’re a parent—is not a break from your children. It is a couple of hours when fellow believers care for, teach, play games with, and invest in your children. It is a day to slow down, laugh, reflect, and disciple your kids.
  • Sunday is not when you serve the church. Serving the church occurs on Sunday but not to the detriment of serving the church throughout the week. So, pass out those bulletins, work at the A/V board, change the diapers, teach the class, and clean up after the breakfast. But don’t forget that your fellow believers are going to need you at the hospital on Tuesday, for some prayer on Thursday, and a lot of encouragement on Monday.
  • Sunday is not for discipleship classes. If you’ve made discipleship into learning lots of Bible trivia from a DVD, workbook, and the member who has made himself/herself the resident scholar – then you’ve missed the point. Sunday is a time to gather for growing in our faith together, but it cannot happen exclusively in a room in a church building. Make sure discipleship is happening everyday as you share in doing life together.

Sunday is a day set aside for worship and rest. It is the day that many of us gather, worship, serve one another, and encourage each other to grow in our faith. Just remember: it is one of many days that we are to do all of these things.

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