Happy Anniversary

January 15, 2013, 0 Comments

AngieToday is our 19th anniversary. I am a blessed man to have Angie as my wife.

We met in Atlanta in 1992.

Our first date was to see the laser show at Stone Mountain State Park.

Our first kiss was… well, that’s just none of your business.

We dated in between states while I was in seminary and Angie worked for Delta Airlines.

I asked her to be my wife on a trip back to Stone Mountain in March 1993.

We were married on January 15, 1994. It was a cold day in Atlanta and a beautiful honeymoon in Hawaii.

Our first son Andrew was born in 1996.

Our second son Chris was born in 1998.

Along the way, we’ve laughed, cried, celebrated joys, grieved losses, and survived it all.

In fact, if not for Angie, I would have thrown in the towel plenty of times when times got tough. And, I probably would have taken way too much credit for everything good that’s happened.

She is simply amazing. I love her deeper than I thought humanly possible. She is lovely. She is kind. She is beautiful. She is a woman full of grace and truth.

And the world is better because she is here.

But I am the most fortunate of all because she is my beloved and my beloved is mine.


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