Lecrae at Passion 2013

January 7, 2013, 0 Comments

Passion is an annual gathering of approximately 60,000 young adults in Atlanta, Georgia. It is lead by Louie Giglio and features speakers like John Piper, Beth Moore, Gary Haugen of International Justice Mission, and Francis Chan.

It would seem that many people were tuning into the live feed including a few a extreme fame in our country.

It is fascinating to watch the evolution of our church in North America. Specifically, the engagement of believers in the forms of our culture. Often, it is most readily apparent in the forms of our worship. With that, consider how the church in America is now led in worship by a young man by the name of Lecrae.

It is hard to argue to young man who so passionately declares that:

“God is enough!”

“I am just a crooked stick in His hands that He chooses to use and make straight.”

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