Francis Chan and David Platt Discuss Multiply

May 9, 2013, 0 Comments

Recently, Francis Chan and David Platt recorded a conversation about why they began the Multiply process. According to their website, the Multiply Movement is:

The Multiply Website is a central hub that contains resources to help you as you make disciples.

The Multiply Material is a 24-session discipleship experience where one person helps another understand what it means to follow Jesus, study scripture, and be the church. This material is available online and includes coaching videos and additional resources to assist you as you study through the course.

The Multiply Gathering is a once-a-year simulcast with Francis Chan and David Platt that fuels the purpose of Multiply. We want to gather together with other followers of Christ in their local churches and homes and encourage one another in the disciple-making process.

The Story Behind Multiply from Multiply on Vimeo.

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