Now What?

June 11, 2013, 0 Comments

In my second message for our series at The Fellowship on the book of Nehemiah, I focused on an important question. Once we have an assignment from God, the question is “Now what?” For churches today, we have an overwhelming task before us so we need to get our eyes set clearly on what matters.

Here is a shortened version of my message notes. I hope you find them helpful.


  • We all face difficult circumstances where we have to “own” a burden.
  • Serving as the HOA treasurer. Your spouse looks at you and says about your teenager, “Fix him.” Your boss wants report on his desk about a project.. by tomorrow morning.
  • The story of the Jamaican bobsled team from the 1980s
  • We’ve got this huge need in front of us. So…
  • Now what?

Here is the one point from this passage that we need. It is the place where this passage intersects with our church family:

When God makes an assignment, He makes provision.

  • Our responsibility is to be available, not to provide the know-how, skill, or power.

Remember that His provision is sufficient.

  • It was all that Nehemiah asked for.
  • But it would also be more
  • Do we believe that God will provide enough?
  • What God provides should not be second-guessed.

Get ready because His provisions may come from unexpected sources.

  • How could you work this out?
  • Jewish exile; Raised to place of influence over a pagan emperor; Given – for free – the resources to rebuild a foreign city that could threaten empire.
  • It foreshadows the provision of salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • Generosity is always unexpected.
  • It is possible that God may use YOU to be the conduit for His provisions. So be generous.
  • Be ready when God hands you the provisions.

The process should increase our faith.

  • Persevere through prayer
  • Pray toward God’s provisions, and not for your preferences.
  • Develop courage through prayer as you await His provisions.
  • V 8 – The work of God increases our confidence in the mission of God.
  • “God’s hand was on me.”
  • God does not make provision to a person who is not ready to receive it.


  • In what or whom are we trusting?
  • It could be visionary leaders and the right church structure
  • Too many of us make it the 3 Bs = bodies, budgets, buildings
  • We must guard against desiring a huge financial windfall
  • The church should trust in the effectiveness of the gospel, proclaimed by a faithful church, with love for a city, and desirous of God’s glory.

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