Responses to the Supreme Court Ruling

June 27, 2013, 0 Comments

We are now on the other side of the Supreme Court’s ruling that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. You can read the official document of the court’s ruling here. It has caused some conservatives to declare the end of civilization and some liberals declare a beginning to it. In looking for responses that I can trust, I have turned to several that I believe have given reasoned and responses. It is critical that we not allow changes in the culture deter us from our primary mission as the church.

Trevin Wax – Why Gay Marriage is Good (and Bad) for the Church

In our churches, we have the opportunity to show the world a better way. To show the world what biblical manhood and womanhood looks like. To show the world the difference between a covenant and a contract. To show the world the difference between commitment based on feeling and a covenant based on faith.

Russell Moore – How Should Same-Sex Marriage Change the Church’s Witness?

Regardless of what happens with marriage, the gospel doesn’t need “family values” to flourish. In fact, it often thrives when it is in sharp contrast to the cultures around it. That’s why the gospel rocketed out of the first-century from places such as Ephesus and Philippi and Corinth and Rome, which were hardly Mayberry.

Ed Stetzer – Prop 8, DOMA, and the Christian Response

We must realize that believing what the Bible says about sexuality will increasingly put us at odds with our culture. Pressure will continue to mount to accept a worldview rooted in cultural acceptance rather than biblical revelation. And we must prepare ourselves for the day when acceptance will not be enough—affirmation may be demanded to be a part of society.


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