The Person God Uses

June 4, 2013, 2 Comments

This week, I began a new message series at The Fellowship, where I serve as a teaching pastor. As I move through this message series, each week, I’ll share a shortened version of my message notes. I hope you find them helpful.

“The Person God Uses” Nehemiah 1:1-11

  • Story of Katie Davis
  • Nehemiah lived in the palace of the Persian king; 750 miles away from Jerusalem.
  • Charles Spurgeon: “We are not called to govern, as he did, with an iron hand, but we ought to be equally inflexible, decided, and resolute for God, and for His holy will.”

1. Embrace the burden God puts in your life.

  • v. 2-3
  • Care enough to ask about others
  • Trouble & disgrace; walls & gates
  • Nehemiah sat down, wept, mourned, fasted, & prayed
  • As the church, we must not only love the mission of God but also the work of the mission of God.
  • Giving, going, serving, loving.

2. Mourn the loss brought about by sin.

  • v.4-7
  • Stand in awe of God’s position
  • Confess our own corruption
  • God will not break His covenant. He will also not bless our disobedience to our covenant.
  • John Wesley said (paraphrased): “Give me one hundred men who love God with all their hearts and fear nothing but sin, and I will move the world.”

3. Seek the God who keeps his promises.

  • v.8-10
  • Lean on the Scriptures and God’s promises
  • Pray the Scriptures
  • Speak to God in the terms that He has spoken about Himself

4. Dare to serve the vision that makes all things new.

  • It is the story of a glory lost and a people redeemed.
  • What was broken will be made new.
  • v. 11 – Give your servant success and have compassion on me.
  • Nehemiah was willing to personally invest himself
  • Ultimately, the story of Nehemiah is about our desperation for the God who makes all things new.


Here are three ways I want you to think about the mission of God. Write down:

  1. Three people that you want to see come to know Christ
  2. Three people you want to see involved at The Fellowship
  3. Three people you want involved in your LifeGroup

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