Celebrating God’s Work

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In my latest message from the book of Nehemiah, I focused on the great celebration that took place in the twelfth chapter. Corporate worship is, obviously, our response to God’s greatness. I think it is also formative of our spiritual lives. In the message from Nehemiah 12:27-47, I stressed that the manner in which the people worshiped was a way for them to thank God publicly and develop their own faith in what He would continue to do in their lives.

In my next message, I will conclude our short journey through the book. I am excited to cover the last chapter and, at the same time, dread moving on to another subject. Studying the book again has been a rich experience that I has helped me immensely. But for now, here are my teaching notes from the latest message.

Celebrating God’s Work – Nehemiah 12:27-47


  • READ v. 27-30
  • Worship is the natural result of the work of God.
  • Specifically dealing with the event of God’s people worshiping together.
  • Involves everyone & requires preparation.
  • We want to provide an environment where worship is normative.

Worship is where you…  Express Your Thankfulness

  • v.31 & v.38
  • Once the work was completed, the Word taught, confession, and covenant renewal.
  • Experiencing God’s grace is a natural place for expressing our thankfulness.
  • Procession on the wall that God built. Not Nehemiah’s work. Not the people’s work. God’s work!
  • When we worship, we are thanking God for how He has acted on our behalf.

Worship is where you…  Show Your Faith

A) Walking on the wall

  • Enemies said it would not stand under the weight of a fox. (4:3)
  • They stood on top of that which the enemy said would never be built, was a threat, and sought to stop the work.
  • When we celebrate the work God has done, we are declaring our faith in what He will do next.

B) Supporting the work at the Temple – v.44-47

  • Showed faith by contributing to work yet to be done.
  • Joyful celebration of offerings
  • The march was a show of faith by the community. The offering is a show of faith by individuals.

Worship is where you…  Declare the Victory

  • V. 42b-43
  • Worship is attributing the victory to the true Hero of our story.
  • Singing – 42b
  • Sacrifices – 43
  • Rejoiced & Celebrated – 43
  • We do this in our lyrics, prayers, sermon, response time
  • The proclamation and celebration of the gospel is a declaration of Christ’s victory.

Worship is where you… Witness to the World

  • v.43b – “… and Jerusalem’s rejoicing was heard far away.”
  • Loud — Well-known – Recognized — Joyful
  • Our worship is designed to focus the hearts of people on the greatness of God.
  • It should point people to God; not skill of musicians, vocal prowess of vocalists, cool work of lighting techs, or wittiness of a preacher.
  • Our worship of Jesus should encourage believers and piqué the interest of those yet to believe.


  • The enemy said that this church would not last. Jesus said that He will build the church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.
  • Sin and temptation tell you that you are nothing, a loser, not worth anyone’s attention. Jesus says that you are more than a conqueror in Christ.
  • Apathy says don’t worry about it; Not a big deal. Jesus says: I’m the King. Your King. Sharing My kingdom with you!
  • Profess your faith today.
  • Express your thanksgiving.
  • Seek out a partner for prayer.


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