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August 29, 2013, 0 Comments

As you move through your week, here are a few great links for the day.

Tips from TED: Why Your Message Should Be 18 Minutes or Less – I hope no one forwards this to my worship leader. 😉 Actually, it is a great challenge for me and many other pastors to review the delivery of our message. I think the length of a message should be controlled by the content you are preaching but this article and the attached video is pressing me to think more clearly about the subject.

Responding to Anonymous Critical Letters by Thom Rainer – Another great post by Dr. Rainer about leadership. No matter where or how you serve, opposition will occur. When it is anonymous, it can be very painful. You will be encouraged by this wisdom.

Christians Need to Engage Culture Through the Arts by Marty Duren – The arts can seem to be untouched territory by much of the modern church. Marty makes a good case for why we should be at the fountainhead of the arts and not waiting downstream.

It’s Time for a New Strategy by Richard Stearns – From the CEO of World Vision US, Stearns once again offers an article that provokes leaders to think carefully about the manner in which we “do” church. You may not agree but you should engage with his thinking.

And for a little fun… The Wars Over Christian Beards from Christianity Today – Please make sure you check out the link at the end of the article to Saddleback’s beard contest. The Instagram feed is awesome.

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