My Prayer for Andrew

August 5, 2013, 0 Comments

Andrew senior yearI’m not sure how it has all happened this fast. We are supposed to have more time. I’m sure of it. But, here we are. My oldest son Andrew started his senior year of high school this morning. I’m a bundle of excitement and nerves for him. Andrew has a good heart and will do great things in this world. But watching him leave the driveway this morning is still gut-wrenching. He might be ready for this year… but I’m not.


Dear God,

I know that you already know this but we desperately need you. I need you. You are good and we are not. You are strong and we are weak.

Today, all I can really think about is my boy Andrew. He belongs to you. He has been Yours since that quiet prayer when he surrendered his heart to You in what seems to be such a long time ago. And, now I blinked and so many years have sped by. He seems so young and vulnerable but wants to be so manly and strong. Please protect his mind from the constant assaults by the world. Please protect his heart from the hurt that will happen through broken friendships, rejections, and self-inflicted shame. Please grow his soul. God, I’m trying to be the best father possible but only You can truly show Him what fatherhood and manhood looks like. You are always good and right and loving and true. Reveal your faithfulness to him through the Word. Make the presence of Your Spirit be a constant comfort to him. Father, please, please make the joy of your salvation grow in his heart.

Please visit Andrew in the quiet moments of the day and night. I’m asking that you make your presence blatant and obvious to him. The world is swirling around him constantly. I cannot imagine what high school is like these days. He has to make so many decisions about everything so quickly. College is around the corner. Adulthood is just within reach. It is all moving so fast for him and me. Only Your presence in his life will make a difference.

Father, we need you to intervene with your peace and courage. I know You are here. You are always here. Give Andrew eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to receive. I know you can show him the path for the future. But, for right now, please just help him to know how to navigate today. God, I need You to protect my boy. But I know I should ask for more. I know that You can do more than just guard him. I know You want to do more than that. You formed him and fashioned him as a kingdom-adventurer. God, set him loose on the world for Your glory, with Your joy, and for the sake of Your kingdom. Make Andrew a trouble-maker for divine grace!

I trust you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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