Learning from Brian Houston

November 5, 2013, 1 Comment

Brian Houston

I’ve already written about my trip to California and participating in the Young Lead Pastors Gathering (click the link for some great quotes and pictures from the gathering). The meeting was put together by Wade Olinger. In my first post, I wrote about why it is important to attend this type of gathering and learn from others. One of the older brothers in the ministry that shared with us that day was Brian Houston of Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. Brian and his wife Bobbie planted Hillsong Church in 1983. It now has an attendance in excess of 30,000, has planted numerous churches around Australia, and planted churches in 11 other major cities.

Many people around the world identify Hillsong only with their worship music. However, Brian Houston and his team have formed an intentional leadership development process. During the Young Lead Pastors Gathering, he decided to treat his time as if he were training his own staff. Brian shared with us one of the recent development times he led the Hillsong staff through. It was an exercise in developing the right culture for the staff. A point that he made that stuck with all of us was: “You cannot build a culture. You have to be the culture.” Yeah… chew on that for a while.

Here are the 10 characteristics that they expect all staff members to embrace to serve at Hillsong.

1. I am a can-do person. You want to fill your team with over-achievers.

2. This is not my job. This is my life. Speaking of 2 Timothy 1:9, Brian reminded us of God’s great call on our lives.

3. I will serve the Lord with gladness. A great reminder of Psalm 100:2.

4. Empowerment starts with me. Everyone is empowered and everyone empowers others.

5. I am not on the gossip train. Brian emphasized how he did not pay attention to gossip around the Christian blogosphere and how he wanted to ignore it in his own church.

6. I am one of them. He gave a strong push for leaders to be among the people rather than lording over them.

7. I will bring those around me on the journey. One group that we need to ensure is with us is our own family.

8. My tone of voice is not whining. This point is a great place to test what our tone of leadership and service sounds like to others.

9. I delegate but I don’t dump. We need to know what is going on in the lives of those who are developing leaders.

10. My spirituality is attractive. Our love for God, people, and life should be compelling to others.

Thanks to Brian Houston for sharing a bit with us and pouring into the next generation of pastors.

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