Our Fame and the Glory of God

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In the upcoming editions of The Gospel Project, I contributed a session entitled . It deals with understanding and living under the glory of God. One of the devotionals that I wrote for the Personal Study Guide is about how the fame we grasp for is often an empty goal.

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We live in a fame-obsessed culture. Then again, it has probably always been that way. Early in the history of humanity, everyone had disobeyed God’s explicit command to scatter and multiply across the land. Instead, they all clustered and hoarded at a city called Babel. Finally, in a bid to once again grasp at the place of divinity, they decided to embark on a ludicrous endeavor—to build a building so high, so grand, and so heavenly that it would make them invincibly famous. Those who settled in Babel wanted to be the superpower of the Earth. In essence, they wanted to replace the Lord as the famous One.

We still suffer from this spiritual disease. The grasp for fame is a sickening sensation. When it is attained, we gain a sense of security for a short while. However, it is addicting. It is necessary to become popular again and again and again. In our culture, we allow people to be famous without any concrete reason. Debutantes appear on a red carpet. The “beautiful people” have their photographs plastered across magazine covers. In general, we have degraded the idea of fame to simply showing up in a party dress at the right event.

Fame, instead, should be recaptured as a tribute to worth and character. The settlers of Babel said they wanted to “make a name for ourselves.” They had a grand accomplishment in mind, but it was more delusional than anything. Their heart’s desire was really not in construction of a palatial tower but of the fame that came from it. They wanted what we commonly and biblically refer to as glory. The desire for self-aggrandizement will always supersede the rightful place of God’s fame in our lives.

Pause and Reflect

  • What are the reasons so many people desire “fame?”
  • How is living for the fame of Christ a tribute to His worth and character?


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