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5 Reasons Why I Love Twitter

December 15, 2013, 0 Comments

Twitter has well over 500 million users. Over its existence, it has grown from fledgling company competing for social media space to one of the global giants; at least in the English-speaking world. And, I am happy to be one in a half billion. Here are five of the reasons that I love Twitter.

I discover more information in a quicker fashion by Twitter than by traditional media. When the Roman Catholic church elected a new pope, I was watching Twitter. The world discovered that Prince William was engaged to Kate Middleton via Twitter. The earthquake that rocked Beijing in 2008 was first reported to the world on Twitter. And, who can forget the photos of the plane sitting atop the water in the Hudson River that first appeared on Twitter. The news is not always reliable but information is shared at the speed of a text message.

Interesting Facts
There are a myriad of fascinating accounts on Twitter that give special insight into the world. Accounts like GoogleFacts, Random Facts, UberFacts and Hidden Facts are just a few examples. There are a ton of accounts dedicated to historical pictures like ClassicPics and unusual maps that help us better understand the world, like Amazing Maps.

Twitter is a funny place. (It can also be a dark and bad place as well so stay away from those bits.) For me, it serves as a constant stream of laughs and enjoyment. I appreciate the wittiness of people who create accounts to help us not take ourselves so seriously. For those of us who lead churches, accounts like Church Curmudgeon and Underappreciated Pastor are just gold.

I also love the accounts of those who are just reporting on their lives and give us a glimpse into what a happy existence can be. One of my favorites that falls into this category is the Mt. Juliet Police Department, especially when they reported about cows getting out of their pens one morning.

And, how could I not mention Fellowship Frosty. He is the lovable snowman with the special accent that shows up to do the announcement video for our church every December. I was proud to be included in his fun in last Sunday’s video.

Keeping Up with Friends
On the more serious side, Twitter has allowed me to keep up with friends and reconnect with plenty of old friend through the years. When the miles keep you separated, social media allows us to get a glimpse into each others’ lives. We must guard against the danger of just being watchers of one another but, when managed well, a tool like Twitter can help us stay up-to-date and in touch with good friends about the daily grind and the daily victories.

New Connections
I have met so many people through Twitter that I would have never met otherwise. Due to common interests and common friends, I’ve had the chance to interact via the Web and then connect in person to lots of new people. It has become a great bridge for friendships, learning from others, finding help, and offering help when possible. It is a process I hope to repeat in the next year; meeting new friends and finding out how I can help them out along the journey.


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