The Books I Want to Write

December 3, 2013, 0 Comments

I love to write. The activity of creating, editing, summarizing, editing again, filling in the weak spots, and enjoying the “Aha” moments are all worth the effort of the process.

In thinking about why I love to write, it leads me to think about what I most love to write about. Over the next few years, here are the subjects, books, short-form ebooks, and the like that I hope to write.

Bivocational ministry: I have finished an ebook that a publisher is reviewing now. However, I hope to write again about the bivocational tribe to which I currently belong.

The glory of God: It is a fascinating study and I have a book already outlined. What is it and how do we live in the glory of God are questions that bear answering.

Leadership: My doctoral project was done on the subject of missional leadership so I have already done a ton of study and writing on the subject. Writing on leadership is a good and dangerous endeavor since so much has been said in the space. I would love to write one work for the church and one book for the business world.

Spiritual disciplines: Over the last 15 years, I’ve read, studied, preached, taught, and thought a great deal about the spiritual disciplines. For certain, I need to practice them more. We have a number of wonderful books regarding them but I think it is time for a new treatment on them.

Growth in the church: Again, much has been said about this subject but I’ve stumbled into what I think are the four main ways that a church family grows. I hope to get it on the page one of these days.

John 1 and 17: The two chapters of the Bible that I turn to most often. It would be a high honor to write on either or both of these enrapturing passages.

Monsters: You will just have to make a guess on this one. A friend and I are currently working on a very cool idea that I hope will make it onto your bookshelf or e-reader one day soon.

Now that you’ve read my list, what’s your list?

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