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11 Resolutions about Writing

January 6, 2014, 0 Comments

As you know, resolutions are a standard part of every New Year. I have a great track record of not breaking any resolutions. How do I do it? I never make any resolutions. After all… I’ve met me and know the supreme unlikelihood that any resolution will actually be fulfilled. Instead, I normally just launch into life, work, and ministry like I did in the past year and then see what happens.

However, the act of writing has taken on a different tone for me lately. It is something that I love to do when I just have freedom to create. But it can be like an ogre about the attack when a deadline is looming just around the corner. Nevertheless, what I have found to be true for me is that I love the creative process. Just recently, as I was finishing a project, I fell into the mysterious “groove” where everything seems to go right. Everyone experiences the feeling in their work or life at times. It is that place where focus, creativity, productivity, and joy converge on you. It ceases to be work and becomes unadulterated fun. Because I’m just coming out of a tough project that ended so well, I’ve made some… shall we say… “decisions” about writing in 2014.

1. I will write at least on five days of the week. With having a blog and the rest of these decisions, this should be an easy task to accomplish. However, I’m giving myself plenty of room to escape for vacations, days off with my family, and just down time.

2. I will publish two ebooks this year. I’ve already completed one of these works and simply need to copy edit it and have a cover created for it. More to come on this one very soon.

3. I will write two proposals including two sample chapters for traditionally-published books. Currently, I have outlines for five different books. One is already in motion for sample chapter creation and I’m looking forward to digging into another one later on.

4. I will enjoy writing or I will not do it. Writing is what I like to do for fun. But, when it saps away my joy, I am going to give myself permission to walk away. I will be disciplined but not to the point of it removing my enjoyment of living the rest of my life.

5. I will write something that is just for me. It will not be published or shown to anyone; except maybe my wife.

6. I will write something for a new genre. I’ve enjoyed exploring other types of literature over the last few years and would like to stretch my proverbial wings. The path that would seem normal to take is into fiction but I’m not sure that I’m ready to tackle it yet. I hope to jump into some other type of non-fiction work first.

7. I will write what is helpful for others. Our thoughts can be immensely helpful for other people. The issue is finding out what other people need. My plan is to identify a couple of needs and write series of posts on the subjects for this blog.

8. I will write with a coauthor because others have done that favor for me. Gratefulness for what others have done for us should result in action that will help others. Or, at least, that’s what I think. So, I’ll be looking for a couple of friends who have something to say and will work to help them through the publishing maze.

9. My writing will not get in the way of spending time with my family. Even though writing is fun, my family is a great deal more fun. I will not let 2014 be a year where my kids only see me when I’m sitting at a computer.

10. I will read better material. It is a standard bit of wisdom that becoming a reader of great literature will aid you in becoming a better writer. Already assembled in a document on my computer are the 40 books I plan to read this year. If I begin one that is poorly written, it will likely be put down and crossed off my list. I need great writing in my life.

11. If I get into a PhD program, all resolutions are null and void pending the work I will do on the dissertation. Though I hold a Doctor of Ministry, I still have the dream of completing a PhD program. Prayerfully, I am considering several options at the moment. If it comes to fruition, then it will change or nullify several of the above statements. But that is okay as reading, research, and writing will simply take a new trajectory.

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