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January 23, 2014, 0 Comments

Currently, I am preaching through a series of messages about leadership in the church. In the last message, I taught on the qualifications necessary for someone to serve as an elder in the church by summing it up to three characteristics: mature, loving, and discerning (my teaching notes are below). Whether you lead or not, I hope the message will encourage you.


  • The quality of leadership is always determined by the character of the leaders who offer it.
  • Leadership is a constant exercise of killing your ego.
  • Only the gospel can change our character.
  • 3 characteristics of elders:

Mature = transformed by the gospel

  • Witness to Christ’s sufferings
  • Participant in the glory to be revealed

A) Prioritize the work of the gospel above the good works of people

  • Guardians of doctrinal faithfulness
  • We want to lead the church & our community to know Christ; not our cool programming.

B) Being an example to the flock

  • Constant spiritual growth is required for those who hope to lead the rest of us into God’s mission.
  • Signs of spiritual growth: Relational, Personal walk with Christ, Kindness
  • When based in gospel transformation, leadership empowers everyone.

Loving = engaged in strong relationships

  • Shepherd the flock = Leading through love
  • When leadership is God’s will than it must be done freely and not by compulsion.
  • “Among the people”
  • Leadership without love is a dictatorship.
  • Love without leadership is chaos.
  • Our goal is to:  Empowering others to serve
  • Leadership combined with strong relationships produces empowered people ready to engage gospel transformation.

Discerning = seeing and leading the mission

  • View everything in light of eternity
  • Aware of accountability
  • Church life run amuck :: brooms
  • See around corners
  • Viewing leadership in light of eternity focuses us on the need to live out the effects of the gospel.
  • Why? Because it is the only thing that transforms us personally, connects us as a church, and can give boundaries to our mission.

We must all apply these three principles to our lives. Mature – Loving – Discerning


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