On my 20th Anniversary

January 15, 2014, 0 Comments

AngieToday, my wife Angie and I celebrate our 20th anniversary. For the most part, it will be a normal day.

She will get Andrew and Chris up, pack lunches, get them off, and then will be busy with her daily responsibilities.

I will get ready, go to work, lead a six-hour publishing strategy meeting, and handle the regular responsibilities of my day.

Then, tonight, we will be with our Bible study groups at The Fellowship; leading groups in different rooms just across the hall from one another.

It all sounds like a painfully normal… ordinary… regular… run-of-the-mill day. Almost boring. But it is not.

Today is the day that, in younger days, we pledged our lives to one another. By virtue of that promise, it is the kind of day that should be celebrated in marriage. We are partners in a marriage covenant that said “Yes” to living out our lives in all of the glamorous days and unremarkable days. It is a blessing that I hope to never underestimate.

Over the course of the year, we have planned out a couple of ways that we will celebrate our anniversary. We’ll take a big trip, a not-as-big trip, a few extra days off with one another here or there, and we’ll have a date this weekend. But observing our anniversary is more than those special times.

I’ve come to learn that celebrating our marriage is more than an occasion. It is a daily practice.

Marriages begin in the afterglow of the wedding ceremony of fancy clothes, decorations, cake, tears of joy, and applause. But it lives, survives, and thrives through the normal pace of life on patient endurance, a stubbornness to make it through with one another, and a love that stays. We are a blessed couple who have decided that we simply will not let each other go.

So, on our 20th anniversary, I once again declare my love and devotion for the the radiant, the joyful, and the most lovely of all women… Angie.


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