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What Dwells in You Matters

January 27, 2014, 0 Comments

One of the privileges of the work I do with LifeWay is to lead teams that produce great materials for Bible study groups. One of the ongoing Bible study curriculum we produce for adults is Explore the Bible and it is used by over one million people each week. In the Fall, we will add Bible study materials for children and students (middle and high school). It is built from the simple principle of letting the Word dwell in you.  Below is a video that our team put together to illustrate the powerful idea of what happens when you do book-by-book studies for groups of all ages. You can find out more about the current pieces and what is happening in the Fall at Explore the

And I’ll just say up front, if it does not make you at least tear up a bit, you may not have a soul.

Explore The Bible – Dwell from LifeWay Media on Vimeo.

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