Our Victor

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His be the Victor’s Name is a hymn written by Samuel W. Gandy for the Plymouth Brethren’s Hymns for the Poor of the Flock in 1838.

His be the Victor’s Name

Who fought the fight alone;

Triumphant saints no honor claim;

Their conquest was His own.


By weakness and defeat

He won the reed and crown;

Trod all the foes beneath His feet

By being trodden down.


He hell in hell laid low;

Made sin, He sin o’erthrew;

Bowed to the grave, destroyed it so,

And death, by dying, slew.


What tho’ the’accuser roar

Of ills that I have done;

I know them well, and thousands more;

Jehovah findeth none.


Bless, bless the Conqu’ror slain,

Slain by divine decree!

Who lived, who died, who lives again,

For thee, my soul, for thee.

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