How to Treat People on Easter Sunday

April 17, 2014, 0 Comments

It is just a few days away. Easter. As you consider how to interact with lots of new faces on Easter Sunday, here are a few suggestions about how to treat people. Since many of them are not regular attendees to church services, it is an opportunity to help them

Be a friend. You have an opportunity to begin friendships on Easter. Seize it. Get there early and meet everyone with the intention of connecting later on for more extended conversations.

Invite them to worship with you. Those who are new are likely a bit nervous. They are not sure what is going to happen in the worship service. Help them break down their personal barriers by inviting them to worship with you rather than just watch it all happen.

Don’t use buzzwords. People’s lives are flooded with the promises of new, improved, authentic, extreme, win-win, and every other buzzword you can imagine. They all promise a better life. On Easter, drop the hype and just offer them a better life.

If you want a response, tell them. Earlier I wrote about the need to tell people how to respond to the message and the worship service. Perhaps backing up one more step will help: Make sure you tell people not just the how but the why. Explain why responding to the gospel now is a necessity.

When you use a theological term, explain it. Don’t shy away from biblical and doctrinal terms that are not normal in everyday conversation. But I do think you should explain it when you say words like propitiation, impute, and substitutionary atonement.

Offer hope by showing how desperately we all need it. In general, people understand that the world is messed up and needs to be fixed. In particular, most people believe their lives are off-kilter and need to be adjusted. Help them to see that they are broken, marred, and separated from God’s grace. Don’t be mean but be honest.

Be yourself. The most attended days of the year offer a temptation to church leaders. It is to be a caricature of yourself or another leader. Just be you.

Connect them to a small group. If you want people to stick, include them in a group of friends. Highlight the importance of small groups in your church. Whether you call it Sunday School, Home Groups, LIFEgroups (what we call them at my church), or whatever else, get them connected to a group of people meeting together regularly.

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