My Five Prayers for Easter Sunday

April 9, 2014, 0 Comments

Easter Sunday. The very mention of the phrase encourages me. On that day, Christians will gather to celebrate and declare that Jesus Christ is indeed risen from the dead. We will point back in time to the empty tomb of Jesus and look ahead to the hope we have because of Him. As we get ready to celebrate this day, here is what I am hoping will take place in our churches.

We will point back to the empty tomb of Jesus. The physical resurrection of Jesus is not something to dance around in our day. In fact, there has never been a day to obscure the fact that we believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus. I pray that, on Easter Sunday, you will happily and boldly talk about how Jesus was dead and now He is alive. It is my prayer for all believers, not just the pastors among us.

We will point forward to the moment where our tomb will be empty. The resurrection of Jesus has global implications about what happens in the life of the multitudes of people who trust in Him. But, I pray that we will keep Easter Sunday personal. To those who are around us, we need to assure them of the personal resurrection that is assured to them in Jesus.

Make it about Jesus and not a circus-like atmosphere of ministry clutter. As a church leader, I’m tempted to throw everything I can at guests on that day to convince them to return the next week. This week, I met with our worship leader to discuss our Easter Sunday service. It is our hope that people will be so deeply touched by the Holy Spirit that they will be drawn to Christ, and consequently, His church.

The sermon will be focused. Over the last year, it has become apparent to me that, left to my own devices, I will preach for 33-36 minutes. I do not know if that is good, bad, or inconsequential. What I do know is that 36 minutes is a long time for someone to listen to person wander across too many unplanned ideas. As one who preaches, I am praying for God to make me highly focused in my message so that Christ will be lifted up.

Lots of people. I am unashamed in the prayer that more people than we could ever anticipate will attend our churches on Easter Sunday. We need a spiritual awakening in the culture and revival in the church. For that to occur, people need to be under the teaching of God’s Word and the influence of the saints in worship. I pray that your church and my church will experience a massive influx of people on Easter Sunday so they can receive the Good News of the gospel.

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