We are Resurrection People

April 21, 2014, 0 Comments

Easter is the moment for many people to renew their faith. For those who have strayed, they come home. For those who are faithful, they deepen their commitment. It is the holiday that actively proclaims that spiritual transformation is possible. In it we find our movement from death to life. At Easter, the reminder is given that we are resurrection people.

In handling our Christian faith, we are dealing with life and death. It is why C.S. Lewis once wrote, “One must keep on pointing out that Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The one thing it cannot be is moderately important” (from “God in the Dock”). Painfully, too many people have also appeared at our Easter services as simply a part of a family ritual. Then again, too many people do this every week. They need the reminder that Christians are people of the resurrection.

We live by the resurrection. In my Easter message, I emphasized the idea of hope. The resurrection is more than just mere wishing, fantasy, and hopefulness. It is the power of the resurrection of Jesus that gives us new life. It is hope that has come to life. Now, in everyday life, we live by the power of the resurrected Lord in us. We must carefully guard ourselves from slipping back into a dull moralism. God has welcomed us into His family by the resurrection and it is by it that we must now live out our faith.

We tell a resurrection message. We have the greatest news possible and we need to say it out loud. The resurrection is only the good news people need if it reaches them in time. All organizations are weakened by “mission drift.” With believers, we drift from our mission when we stop discussing the gospel in favor of simply doing good deeds for others. Christians must choose to be prepared and emboldened to discuss our Savior and His great work on our behalf. To be resurrection people, we must invite others to experience its power. It is the issue for which we should be our most persuasive.

We await the final resurrection. Jesus made it clear that history will one day conclude and that we will not know when the end will come. As believers, we are waiting for more than just the end. We await the final resurrection when everything will be made new again. All of our living in this broken and battered world is with the view that everything will come to life one day. Resurrection people have the greatest of all hopes. I plan to live in that hope everyday.

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