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I am excited about the newest release of The Gospel Project! Our adult/student summer study, titled God’s Way, explores the Ten Commandments from a Christ-centered perspective. The writers for God’s Way include Trevin Wax, Mike Cosper, Rey De Armas, and J.D. Greear. These are 13 sessions that you will not want to miss.

In conjunction with the launch of God’s Way, The Gospel Project and Crossway have teamed up to offer J.I Packer’s book Keeping The Ten Commandments free. Here are a few words about the book.

400x_keepingcommandments_cover“They’re often mistakenly considered God’s “rules”- his outdated list of do’s and don’ts that add up to a guilt-ridden, legalistic way of life. But as beloved author and Bible scholar J. I. Packer probes the purpose and true meaning of the Ten Commandments, you’ll discover that these precepts can aptly be called God’s blueprint for life. They contain the wisdom and priorities everyone needs for relational, spiritual, and societal blessing-and it’s all coming from a loving heavenly Father who wants the best for his children.

Not only does Packer deliver these truths in brief, readable segments, but he includes discussion questions and ideas for further study at the end of each chapter. This book will challenge you to view the commandments with new eyes and help you to understand-perhaps for the first time-the health, hope, and heritage you’re offered there.”

The Gospel Project strives to provide solid additional resources that enrich your study as you move through our material. This free Crossway eBook will only be available for a limited time, so download it now and pass the info on to your friends.

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