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August 28, 2014, 0 Comments

I was recently talking with my friend Andy Dunning about how we keep up with the world around us. Specifically… with the world’s in which we work. Andy serves as a Bible study leader and chairman of our deacon body at The Fellowship. As a vocation, he owns Landru Design; a cool business that designs and implements conferences, designs and installs media equipment in churches, and trains media personnel in churches and the corporate world. The need for information in Andy’s life is pretty different from mine but we love to talk about what is happening in Christianity in our culture. So, recently, he asked and I shared the sites that I usually read on daily basis. We are both information junkies so it made for an interesting conversation.

Here are the websites that I generally visit everyday to consume information about world events, movements in Christianity, learn about leadership, and gain insight about my work world.


Fast Company

Harvard Business Review – a must read for all-things leadership

Ragan – for information about marketing, publishing, branding

Mashable – aggregating site about digital innovations

Church Leaders – aggregating site with good articles about life in ministry

Bible Study Tools – daily posts from various authors about biblical issues

Thom Rainer – my CEO who writes on leadership and church issues

Trevin Wax –keen insights about theological and cultural issues

Michael Hyatt – former CEO of Thomas Nelson and expert on promotion, publishing, and work efficiencies

Ed Stetzer –offers the best research and analysis of movements in culture

Eric Geiger – posts short, insightful articles about faith

Christian Post – best news aggregated news source for Christians

Christianity Today

Huffington Post – I find disagree with much here but find it to be an interesting source of news

SBC Voices – helps me keep up with the SBC theological/political landscape

Baptist Press – informative news each day about life in my denomination

22Words – just plain funny stuff


What websites are the regular places that you visit for learning?

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