How 5 Different Creatures Flap Their Wings & Why You Should Care

January 6, 2015, 0 Comments

Infographics have become a common way to communicate information visually. From 2014, I thought that this animated infographic from Tabletop Whale was one of the more fascinating of the year.

But why would I post an infographic about the wing pattern of the hawk moth? As you can imagine, it’s not really about the hawk moth or the dragonfly or the other creatures in the infographic. For me, it is all about the engagement of information.

Infographics engage us on multiple levels of information consumption. For this one, it offers up knowledge through text, static photo, and video. It is the reminder to me as a leader that people need to consume information in multiple ways.

Infographics provide a break to the day for many people. Do I need to know about how the Egyptian fruit bat flies? Not really. But the minor distraction provided a mental break in the action for me to regather my thoughts.

Infographics often provide inspiration. The vast majority of infographics that I consume have nothing to do with my work and ministry. However, they often spark my imagination. It is a quick interdisciplinary bit of learning that encourages me to think creatively.

Infographics are a bridge to others. I’ve noticed that people all across the societal spectrum visit the infographics neighborhoods of the Internet. It is water cooler territory. As a speaker , it is great fodder for illustrations. The information that may seem random at first gives a variety of people common ground upon which to stand and converse.

At the end of it all, infographics are a well-designed bit of trivia. It is often random and periodically timely. They provide a new take on the news and an interesting way to engage information. Whether you use them as a distraction in a busy day or as a method of disseminating information, infographics are engaging form of communication that we can use to our advantage as leaders.

Wing pattern infographic

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