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10 Questions Every Pastor Should Ask on Monday

March 9, 2015, 4 Comments

Sunday is over. A new week of ministry has begun. If you are a pastor like me, here are ten questions we should ask ourselves.

  1. Do I pastor just for the emotional charge of preaching?
  2. How deep is my love for the people in my church?
  3. Are there members that I’m avoiding because I don’t like them?
  4. Are there issues in my church that I’m avoiding because they scare me or I’m intimidated by the people involved with the issues?
  5. Am I leading by the power of the Spirit or by my own cleverness?
  6. Is my prayer life intense or waning?
  7. When I study the Bible, does it include study that is purely personal?
  8. Are there people in my life who are able to hold me accountable for mistakes I make?
  9. Do I still love God’s calling to ministry and am I willing to give my everything to Him?
  10. If I had another pastor who had less than a stellar answer to any of the above questions, what biblical counsel would I give? Am I willing to follow the same truth I would give to others?

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  • Reply Glenn Pierce March 10, 2015 at 6:16 am

    Am I hearing the voice of the Lord?
    Am I bringing forth a message or series of messages the Lord would have be bring?
    Am I developing the lambs & sheep (Jesus said that 3x’s to Peter)
    Am I paying those in key leadership positions? (A laborer is worthy of his/her wages)
    Do I have a heart for lost souls?

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