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March 13, 2015, 0 Comments

Mission of God ebook

One of the greatest projects I’ve had the privilege of working on has been The Mission of God Study Bible. For two years, I partnered with Ed Stetzer and the team at B&H Publishing on the project. We recruited some of the church’s best leaders to write essays on various themes about God’s mission for the church today. Now, The Gospel Project has created an ebook of the best essays in a format that you can download today for free.

The ebook includes essays and letters from pastors and church leaders across the Evangelical spectrum. We were honored to receive essays from people such as Billy Graham, Matt Chandler, Andrea Mullins, Eric Mason, Andreas Köstenberger, Wendy Alsup, Tullian Tchividjian, J. D. Greear, Christopher Wright, Eric Geiger, Calvin Miller, Linda Bergquist, R. C. Sproul and many others.

Here is a short excerpt from the introduction of the ebook.

The mission of God is one of the great themes throughout the Scriptures. As God reveals Himself throughout history, it is He who reaches out to us. God’s mission among us is to glorify Himself through the work of redeeming people and restoring creation. By God’s mission and God’s mission alone can we come back into fellowship with Him. Our desire is that you will be a part of God’s great plan so that men, women, and children from every tongue, tribe, and nation will believe the message of the gospel as it comes to them through the proclamation and life of the church.

As you read the Scriptures and consider the essays and letters included with this eBook, do so with the mission of God as your lens and framework. Before looking to see what God can do for you, consider what He has done for His own glory and how you are invited to participate in His great mission. We encourage you to closely heed the words of Jesus when He said in John 20:21, “As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.”

Click here to download the free ebook The Mission of God.


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