Prince and 3rdEyeGirl Release Surprise Single

March 16, 2015, 0 Comments

The music superstar Prince is one of the more talented and odd persons in the music industry. His latest single release is an unexpected one. “What If” is actually a cover of Christian singer-songwriter Nichole Nordeman’s song, and features vocals from 3rdEyeGirl’s drummer, Hannah Welton, who’s originally from Louisville.

It is a fascinating commentary on our culture. The song deals with the intersection of faith and doubt. As church leaders, we need to pay close attention to how the culture interacts with such ideas.

Embed Music Files – Play Audio – Prince & 3EYEGIRL what-if

UPDATE on March 23, 2015: Since putting up this post, all copies of the cover by Prince have been removed from the Web. I encourage you to look for it when it’s released as a single for purchase. Check out Nichole Nordeman’s website for her original music.

UPDATE on April 22, 2016: Just a day ago, Prince died. It was unexpected and shocking. At this time, the cause of his death is unknown. However the music file has resurfaced and linked above.

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