Why the Resurrection Matters

March 31, 2015, 0 Comments

TF logoOn Palm Sunday, we were so excited about the resurrection that our teaching team just jumped on the idea a week early. At The Fellowship campuses, we taught on why the resurrection matters to Christian living. After the message, we received The Lord’s Supper and celebrated all the beautiful work that Jesus has accomplished on our behalf. Like every other Christian pastor/preacher/teacher on the planet, I am looking forward to sharing the pointed message of Christ’s sacrifice for us on Easter Sunday.


Why the Resurrection Matters


  • Certain events define our lives.
  • Individuals: marriage, birth of a child, retirement
  • Cultures: 9/11, fall of Berlin wall, economic recession
  • Resurrection of Jesus: central event of human history
  • Need to grasp the everyday significance of this event.
  • Paul argued in 1 Cor. 15:17 that “if Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless.”
  • Resurrection should be central to our lives.
  • “The problem, after all, is not belief in the resurrection, but whether we live lives that would make no sense if in fact Jesus has not been raised from the dead.” ~ Stanley Hauerwas
  • The Resurrection Changes Everything! 
  • When Jesus victoriously walked out of the grave, it was a declaration that everything changes.


  1. We Relate to God with Confidence (Romans 4:24-25)
  • To many people, God is terrifying. But He is also good.
  • The empty grave of Easter means that God offers us a way to be forgiven for our sin, justified, and righteous.
  • The empty grave declares God’s approval of Christ, and thus of you and me. We are declared righteous.
  • The promise that we can stand approved w/confidence.
  • Let go of your guilt.
  • Let go of shame.
  • Live in freedom.
  • Any accusation is just a lie from the world & the pit.
  • Resurrection changes everything. No longer relate to God in fear or doubt. Relate to God as sons & daughters.


  1. We Face Death Without Fear (Romans 6:5-11)
  • We think about death more often than most would admit. Fascination with the afterlife; heaven visitation books, movies about demonic forces, etc.
  • The resurrection of Christ declared the death of death.
  • The fear of death no longer rules over us.
  • The empty grave of Easter declares that Jesus defeated the one thing that we have not understood or overcome.
  • Changes how we grieve. Not as those without hope.
  • We face death without fear because Christ faced death without regret.
  • For believers, death is the doorway to real living. In eternity, you will be more alive than ever before.
  • Resurrection changes everything. No longer face death without hope or in despair. In Christ, death does not have the last word. What comes next is beautiful.


  1. We Live Life with Hope(Romans 8:18-23)
  • We will suffer, but it will not have the last word.
  • The world will be renewed, and we will too.
  • The good things we enjoy in this life will be multiplied. The pains of this life will be no more.
  • Easter’s empty grave declares that God is unveiling a new world and you’re invited to belong to it.
  • It is unstoppable. Unwavering. Undefeatable.
  • By the resurrection of Christ, we have been included into an unstoppable kingdom.
  • Resurrection changes everything. No longer live in defeat from suffering or hardships. Not captive to the broken systems and pressures of this world. We are empowered to press through, as ones who have hope for an eternal life that is unimaginable.

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