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On Monday, May 11, The Gospel Project hosted an event designed to help all of us see how the gospel truly does intersect with every aspect of life. It was simply called “Gospel. Life. Ministry.”

It offered 24 different speakers, each taking about 12 minutes to discuss how the gospel impacts a part of life. We were able to hear from John Piper, Tony Evans, David Platt, Matt Chandler, Derwin Gray, Gloria Furman, Louie Giglio, and many others.

The videos are posted individually at for the next two weeks. Plus, each video has a downloadable discussion guide made in

The following are a list of my favorite quotes from the four-hour experience.

DERWIN GRAY – The Gospel and Religion

Performanced-based religion always ends in either pride or despair because it’s all about you.

The gospel is about what Christ has done for us, what He is doing in us, and what He wants to do through us.

Every act of Christ’s obedience was a declaration of love for us.


PAUL TRIPP – The Gospel and the Heart

The gospel rescues me from me.

If I watched the last six weeks of your life, what would I say that you truly value?

We don’t believe in a system of redemption. We believe in a Redeemer. His name is Jesus.


TREVIN WAX – The Gospel and Repentance

The world’s way of dealing with sin is redefinition. God’s way of dealing with sin is redemption.


JD GREEAR – The Gospel and Family Discipleship

There are two gardens that God grows a child in: the home and the church.


GLORIA FURMAN – The Gospel and Motherhood

Motherhood was God’s idea to glorify Himself.

If motherhood is about us, it ends with us. If motherhood is about God, it ends in worship.


ERIC MASON – The Gospel and Fatherhood

We need men who reflect God’s design for fatherhood.

The church is the place where manhood is clear.


BEN TRUEBLOOD – The Gospel and Student Ministry

If we just focus on behavior, we give our students a yoke of burden that will crush them.


JANA MAGRUDER – The Gospel and Kids Ministry

If the gospel is not at the center of your kids ministry, you could be missing the whole point.

The story of the Bible is not about what kids should or should not do; it is a story about what God has done and is doing.


ERIC GEIGER – The Gospel and Groups

When people are in community, the posture of their heart is more receptive to the gospel.


RAY ORTLUND – The Gospel and Revival

The gospel is God’s power generator in this world to create a new community.

The primary impediment to biblical revival is our pride, self-assurance, and the thought that “we can build the church!”

We need to hurl ourselves at Him for His grace.


JOHN PIPER – The Gospel and the Glory of God

The glory of God is God going public with His holiness.

God does everything for His glory, not because He is an egomaniac but because He’s doing it for our joy!

God is most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in Him.

We have to slay the false promises of pleasure from sin with a greater pleasure, namely, the superior pleasure of knowing and loving God.


DAVID PLATT – The Gospel to the Nations

It is the pastor’s responsibility to fan a flame for God’s global glory in the local church.

We cannot organize revival, but we can set our sails to catch the wind from heaven when God chooses to move.

There are no unreached people in your office or neighborhood—because God has placed you there.

Wise short-term missions should fuel long-term disciple-making.


TONY EVANS – The Gospel of the Kingdom and the Christian Life

God has empowered us to be His kingdom representatives in history.

We are called to be full-time followers of Christ, not part-time visitors to His kingdom.


ED STETZER – The Gospel and Missional Living

The church is called to gospel proclamation and gospel demonstration.

The gates of hell will not hold back the advance of the gospel when the church is on mission with God.


RANDY ALCORN – The Gospel and Future Hope

An eternal perspective is our reference point for all of our life.


DA HORTON – The Gospel and Cultural Engagement

3 ways to engage culture: isolation, accommodation, intersection.

Asking people “How can I pray for you?” is a very simple way to be missional in day-to-day life.


TRILLIA NEWBELL – The Gospel and Race

We should have a childlike delight in the God-given diversity of humanity.

How can we reflect God’s delight in diversity if we are not communicating with those who are not like us?


TRIP LEE – The Gospel and Life Ambition

Dream big for God’s glory, not for your glory.

Our ambition can’t be about people seeing us; it needs to be about people seeing Jesus more clearly.


JEN WILKIN – The Gospel and Women’s Ministry

Women’s ministry is not about creating events that generate a certain emotion.

Women are not a nice but unnecessary addition to the church. Women are essential to the mission of the church.


D’HATI LEWIS – The Gospel and Discipleship

It takes a church to raise a Christian.

Discipleship is not a “me” responsibility; it’s a “we” responsibility.

My fear is that we have reduced discipleship to mentorship. We don’t need people to look like us; they need to look like Jesus.

Discipleship is not a ministry of your church; it is the ministry of your church.


JEFF VANDERSTELT – The Gospel and Community

The community that believes the gospel and lives in light of that gospel is one of the most powerful apologetics.

Whatever God does to us, He intends to do through us.


LOUIE GIGLIO – The Gospel and Worship

Jesus came to earth not to make bad people good people but to make dead people alive.

Worship doesn’t start with singing. Singing starts with seeing. Until our eyes are opened to see the beauty of the gospel, there will be no song in the church.


THABITI ANYABWILE – The Gospel and Church Leadership Development

We need leaders who are biblical theologians, who understand how the Bible fits together as a whole.

A leader should be a biblical evangelist, committed to that good news for themselves and for making that good news known to others.

A good leader is a humble follower of Jesus.


MATT CHANDLER – The Gospel-Centered Church

Most churches consider themselves to be gospel-centered; however, many churches walk in a type of moralism that is counter-gospel.

Are you, in your philosophy and practice, reminding people of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Our theology drives our philosophy of ministry, which drives our practice.

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