The Books I Revisit

September 4, 2015, 0 Comments

DuboseI process information better in two ways: creating a visual map of my ideas (on paper or a whiteboard) and through reading. Both stimulate my thinking on all subjects and the particular subject. To that end, there are certain books that I find myself revisiting. Whether it is a full read or just rereading certain passages, they remind me of the truth and its practical nature. Here’s a sampling of those books I find refreshing and worth revisiting.

Spiritual Leadership by Oswald Sanders. It is a book that reminds me of my high calling as a leader. Sanders has something to say about all of the arenas of life; including why reading is a necessity for a leader.

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. He wrote these stories for children but knew that we would all need them to grow up in our understanding of how Christ works in us. When spiritual battle is fierce, my mind races back to how Aslan helped the children navigate through The Final Battle.

A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie. The book is simply a collection of morning and evening prayers for thirty-one days. But there is nothing at all simply about the prayers themselves.

Humility by Andrew Murray. Because all of us—and especially me—need a strong reminder of who we truly are before the cross of Christ, read this book.

God Who Sends by Francis Dubose. It is a brilliant and relatively short trip through the Bible that helps us to see mission at the heart of all that God does. Dubose reminds us that God is both the Sender and the Sent on our behalf so the church should be no different.

The Salvation of Souls by Jonathan Edwards, edited by Richard Bailey and Gregory Willis. It is a collection of nine ordination sermons from my spiritual hero – Jonathan Edwards. They are devastatingly wonderful.

What are the books that help you in difficult days, remind you of the truth, and encourage you along the journey of life?

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