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The Sanctity of Human Life

September 2, 2015, 0 Comments

The summer of 2015 has provided a strong illustration to those who care for the sanctity of life; especially the lives of unborn children. In the news, we have witnessed the callous nature that some have spoken about the bodies of unborn babies, as if they hold little worth at all. As the church, we must be ready to engage in the critical conversation about the sanctity of human life. You and your Bible study group can give a voice to the most vulnerable of people. We must be prepared for the inevitable interactions that will happen as we live out our faith. Our engagement on the issue can take three forms.

Speaking the truth
Christians have the opportunity to play a significant part in the cultural conversation about life. As people of the gospel, we should be experts on speaking about a person’s value with conviction and grace. But it requires both characteristics. Truth spoken without grace degenerates into yelling from an arrogant position. Grace communicated without truth tells everyone to just feel good about whatever choices are made. When it comes to the unborn, we need to deliver God’s truth to the culture in a way that wins minds and hearts to His truth.

Ministering to the hurting
Each year, women make the devastating choice to undergo an abortion. Countless men encourage the practice as well. The church must stand as the city on a hill that draws those who have damaged their lives through the sinful denial of another person’s worth. Our churches are hospitals for the spiritually dying, wounded, and sorrowful souls of women and men. We minister God’s grace to those in need of hope.

Studying the Word
Many Christians agree that the Bible gives clear teaching against abortion. But there are few who know how to express that teaching well. For this reason, each of LifeWay’s primary ongoing curriculum lines, Bible Studies for Life, Explore the Bible, and The Gospel Project include a Sanctity of Human Life session in the study plan each year.

To aid your group in the current season when there is so much emphasis on the issue of life, we want to highlight this year’s Sanctity of Human Life sessions again. You can download them for free. The sessions can raise awareness during a time when many are wondering how we can speak clearly on God’s view of the value of a precious human baby.

Click on the links below to download the free Bible study sessions:

Bible Studies for Life adult sessions
Is Every Life Sacred? – Psalm 139
Cherished in God’s Eyes – Psalm 8

Explore the Bible adult session:
Protecting Human Life — Genesis 9; Proverbs 24; Philippians 2

The Gospel Project adult sessions:
Life: God’s Blessing, Our Response – Genesis 9; Psalm 139; Proverbs 1Human Life: The Sacredness of Human Life – Genesis 9; Jeremiah 1; Acts 22


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