Friday Links

October 9, 2015, 0 Comments

Here are five Friday links for your reading and a bonus tweet that has encouraged me this week.

Are Evangelicals More Revisionist on Marriage Than We Think? by Trevin Wax. Offering a well-thought matrix, Trevin helps those in the church clearly assess how we think about marriage.

24 Habits that Will Boost Your Intelligence by Larry Kim. A quick read that will help you right now.

Why Publishers Change the Bible (and that’s OK) by Jeffrey Kranz. A smart post that helps to explain textual criticism and textual variants. Jeffrey gives a simple infographic on how translations are made and updated.

What NOT to Get Your Pastor for Pastor Appreciation Month by Eric Geiger. October has been deemed by somebody as Pastor Appreciation Month. My friend Eric gives a quick (and funny) list of things to not give your pastor along with a link as to some better ideas about how to bless those who serve in ministry.

Leaders Should Write It Down by Brad Lomenick. If you lead, then ideas matter. Excellent thoughts about the need to capture ideas in every arena of life.


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