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Trevin Wax – God Calls Us to Share the Gospel, Not Just Talk About It. In his own words, “Talking about the gospel should never be a substitute for sharing the gospel.” Good thoughts.

Chadwick Cannon – How the Video Game Industry Has Shaped Innovative Marketing. Whatever you lead, you must know how to spread the message about what you do.

Elizabeth Segran – How Google’s Head of Marketing Handles 20 Meetings a Day. Lorraine Twohill is the SVP of global marketing for Google. The article is a quick list of how she manages the fast-paced life of a leader.

Ed Stetzer – What is the Missional Church? Ed revisits the work on The Missional Manifesto with this first part of a new series. In it, he will reiterate what it means for the church to see mission as its primary task.

Amber Beuschel – I walked my heart up to the chasm and sat. Amber, her husband Christian, and their 4 kids are friends and members with me at The Fellowship. In this gutsy and powerful post, Amber discusses her recent miscarriage. Whether you have personally experienced a miscarriage or you are a leader in church life, please read this post.


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