6 Unique Covers of Adele’s “Hello”

December 22, 2015, 0 Comments

The song “Hello” by the uber-famous Adele is the first hit from her latest album 25. The album is a smash success. The video for “Hello” has been viewed more than 770 million times on YouTube (as of 12/22/15). In our digital music world, whenever there is such a successful song, a flood of aspiring and accomplished artists do covers. “Hello” may set a record for number of covers before it’s all over. Here are six that I’ve taken notice of and find to be interesting.

1. Peddo Brian offers his reggae cover. Come on. How can go wrong with a ukulele?

2. Lukas Rossi gives his spin on a rock version of the song.

3. Alex Boye’ combines an African version with a Star Wars themed video. Uhhh. Ok.

4. Anthony Vincent posts this version where he performs the song in 10 second bursts of 25 styles. Not all of them work but it is an impressive feat.

5. Anthony Vincent, in response to viewer reaction, gives us this Green Day version. It was also my favorite from the previous video.

6. Postmodern Jukebox never fails to impress me. They offer a vintage soul cover in the style of the late 1960s.

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