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Top 20 Posts of 2015

December 30, 2015, 0 Comments

Last year, I gave a list of My Top 20 Posts of 2014 for my site. It is always fun to see what got the most looks over the course of a year. The following list is not technically correct. There were a few posts that included media (videos or songs) that have been removed or other older posts that received a one-day bump because of reposting at other sites. I’ve left those out and included what consider to be the top 20 posts from 2015.

20. Water Park Observations: 2015 Edition

#2: If the Dad Bod fad is a real thing, then I’m like the Chris Hemsworth of water parks.
#12: People with aerosol suntan spray can are generally unaware of wind patterns.

19. The Prayer of Thanksgiving

The need for instant and progressively more intense gratification is poisonous to our souls. Christians should live in stark contrast to the never-ending cycle of needing the next supposedly-great thing the world has to offer.

18. Who Is the Antichrist? A Sermon Recap

For the record, I have no idea who the Antichrist is. But, by exploring the topic, it allowed our church to understand that we must allow the Bible to drive our thinking instead of a predetermined theological grid.

17. 7 Things I Have Learned about Myself While Being Bivocational

With the excessive knowledge of whose church is the largest and what ministries are booming, it sometimes feels defeating that “I’m just part-time.” Having a church that deeply loves the mission of God and my family overshadows my fitful emotions.

16. Should I Write a Book? 10 Responses

Yes if you have a passion that will not go away about the subject.
No if it is just a passing thought.

15. 8 Church Ministry Trends to Consider

Many of these are difficult to quantify by a research project but they are all having an impact on the landscape of ministry.

14. 10 Ways to Read the Bible

Always begin with God as the main character of the Word since it is His self-revelation. Be careful to not make yourself the center point of the Bible. Let God be God.

13. 5 Simple Strategies for Communicating Better

Use positive language. Draw people to your point by inspiring them. If you paint a brighter future, people will desire to listen and follow.

12. 14 Steps to a Prayer Plan for the New Year

Prayer is not a club of coercion but an intimate conversation with God. So, though you have a plan for prayer, be ready for things to change.

11. Mobile Connections Exceed Human Population: What It Means for the Church

The church has not always done well in seizing new technologies. I am hopeful that this is a change that we can leverage for the good of our mission.

10. World Map Based on Population
Business Insider offered up this map that helps us to better understand our world. As a church leader, it helps me to better understand our mission.

9. Gospel. Life. Ministry.
The “Gospel.Life.Ministry.” webcast by The Gospel Project was awesome. This is a rundown of some of the best quotes by the speakers.

8. Lessons Learned Inside John Wesley’s Prayer Closet
An excerpt from Jared Brock’s interesting tale told through his book “A Year of Living Prayerfully.”

7. 50, 40, and 21: The Numbers That Defined a Weekend
On one weekend, we saw the movie release of “50 Shades of Grey,” the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live, and 21 Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS. We should perhaps weep more often for our world.

6. 4 Reasons Why Pastors Should Help Lead Worship

These are my friends. This is my family. They are a people worthy of having a pastor who loves the Lord with all of his heart, soul, mind, and strength.

5. Star Wars Theme: A Cappella Version by Jimmy Fallon & Movie Cast
Jimmy Fallon continues to impress with his team’s creativity for “The Tonight Show.”

4. One Sentence Book Reviews
I began doing this in December of 2014. This first post gained a lot of 2015 readership.

3. 10 Ways to Not Goof Up Your Easter Service

The “why” must be to introduce the greatness of Christ and the truth of His gospel to people’s lives.

2. 10 Questions Every Pastor Should Ask on Monday

Sunday is over. A new week of ministry has begun. If you are a pastor like me, here are ten questions we should ask ourselves.

1. 5 Reasons We Should Sing Passionately and Loudly in Church.
The most read and viewed article was a guest post by Keith Getty. It is an excellent statement about how and why we worship. Thanks to Keith for the work he does for the church and the friendship he has extended to me.





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