7 Things That Are NOT Christian Leadership

January 14, 2016, 1 Comment

I often teach and speak on the subject of Christian leadership. Sometimes it is helpful to state what you mean by declaring what you do not mean. Here is a short list of what is NOT Christian leadership.

1. Command & Control Structure. The church is a body that shares authority. A command and control structure where one person has all of the authority does not look a great deal like the ministry we are called to hold out to one another. Leaders are good. Dictators are not.

2. Justice Without Jesus. Christian leaders must initiate ministry that delivers just care to widows, orphans, immigrants, the poor, and a host of others in need. We must do so because of and with the message of the gospel. Otherwise, we are just a social services organization.

3. Drive-by Evangelism. We are called to make disciples who make disciples. Doorstep evangelism that drops people off at the point of salvation with a “Good luck and Godspeed” attitude is contrary to the witness of the New Testament.

4. Jonah-like, Apostle-like Frustrations. People are not going to respond as you think they should. Jonah was angry because sinners repented. The apostles were angry because they did not (Luke 9:54). Leaders must be grown-ups who respond to what God is doing and now how people act.

5. Holy Huddling. The church cares for its own but not only for its own. We must avoid the mentality of making the church campus a fortress of refuge for Christians to guard us against the world. Instead, as a people, we are an outpost for God’s kingdom and welcome in those in need of mercy.

6. Social Experimentation. Christian leaders do not have the responsibility to simply make the world an equitable place. We are not leaders of political or social movements. Instead, we lead people to Jesus and allow the world to change because of the conversions of souls. I say that we should advocate for social change because of spiritual awakening in people.

7. Ordinary Hospitality. The Bible reveals that God has a heart to bring home both strugglers and stragglers. The church should mirror this hospitality. It must work its way through the lives of leaders who have open homes. Lots of people have parties, cookouts, and invite people over to watch the big game. Leaders engage in hospitality for more than just a party. They must have a lifestyle of hospitality that brings people into close relationships.

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