How to Invite People to an Easter Service

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Easter is one of the most attended days of worship for Christian churches. A temptation exists for people to not extend invitations to neighbors, coworkers, and acquaintances because they assume people will just attend any way. Not true. We need to be active in reaching out to those around us.

The default position for many in our country is non-attendance. As church-goers, you must accept the fact that the question of church attendance does not even come up in the minds of many of your neighbors. On Sundays, they are not asking, “Should I go to church today?” The issue rarely crosses their mind. So, we need to be active in inviting them to worship and Bible study with us on a regular basis. Easter is an excellent opportunity to receive a warm reception to an invitation. Here are a few items to keep in mind.

Assume they will give a yes. If you go into the invitation hesitant and hinting at a way out, they may just take it. Invite them

Make it about more than just a single worship service. You may start with Easter but never let that be the last invitation offered. Follow-up with them after the weekend; whether they attended or not.

Be concerned about the person instead of their attendance. Don’t use people as outreach target practice or drive-by evangelism. The real human being standing in front of you has an eternal destiny. Be concerned about what is most important.

Ask about their religious background. People like to tell their story. Be the friend that is more interested in listening than blabbing. As you ask them about their own background, you can find out how to better minister and witness to the person.

Be up front about the service. No one likes the bait and switch method in buying a car or visiting a church. If you know the person has little knowledge of what happens in a worship service, find a simple way to let them know what will happen. Explain practices like baptism and The Lord’s Supper. Give them a heads-up about the greeting time and the preaching style of the pastor.

Get persuasive. We are talking about Easter! Be excited about why they need to be in worship on this day. Help them to see that your enthusiasm for the day and what it could mean for them. We are to be compelled by the love of Christ to see people in a different way. High attendance days are great to only a certain extent. What matters is our love for God showing through in such a way that others are affected by it.

Include a meal. When you invite them to spend time with you for worship, also include a meal. It does not have to be fancy. In fact, it’s probably better that it is not. A casual meal out or at your home will give you additional time to talk with your friends. It is a low-pressure way for them to talk about what they heard and experienced in the worship service.

Ask them again. If they turn you down the first time or they accept, follow up with another invitation. We are dealing with the stuff of eternal consequences so never leave it as a one-and-done. Be a true friend and involve them in your spiritual life with the church.

Personally share the gospel with them. Jesus commissioned us to make disciples, not church attendees. Inviting them to worship on Easter is just one step in the process. The ultimate goal is for them to respond to the gospel. When inviting them, if you sense they are interested and curious, tell them about the significance of Easter. After the service is done, find out their response to the gospel. All along the way, keep the priority on their response to Jesus.

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