Making Holiness Habitual

March 7, 2016, 0 Comments

God intends for Christians to live a certain way. We are empowered to do so but often falter. We all feel like walking illustrations of this idea. Saved and called to the mission of God, we too easily give in to the “mission of me.” Where do we go wrong? Often, it is with our very understanding of holiness.

Holiness is more than morality. It includes our ethics but it does not end with mere behavior modification.

Holiness is more than stockpiling biblical factoids in our brains. It includes knowing the Scriptures but does not end with the classroom.

Holiness is more than crass consumerism of religious goods and services. It includes participating in the church’s ministries but does not end with “filling up our spiritual tanks.”

Holiness is more. It is to live currently in accordance with the eternal transformation that Jesus has awarded to you because of His grace through your faith. Holiness is not just one part of your life – you heart, your mind, your soul, or your strength. Holiness is for your whole being. The word means that we are utterly set apart for God’s purposes.

Because it is for all of life at all times, holiness must be habitual. Our language around habits is normally negative. We have bad habits that we are trying to break; overeating, laziness, complaining, and a myriad of other self-destructive activities. Let’s turn the idea of habits back to our spiritual relationship with God. Making holiness habitual means prioritizing who we are as a set-apart people for God.

He sets apart not to make us mindless robots who always do the right thing. Habitual holiness is allowing the gospel to have its full run on our lives so that our actions are transformed by grace.

He sets us apart not to make us sterile professors of religious knowledge. Habitual holiness is digging into the Word so that it renews our minds through God’s self-revelation.

He sets us apart not to merely have us marked “present” at all church services. Habitual holiness is prioritizing the work of the church in the world so we can participate as God’s kingdom ambassadors.

Holiness is the way in which God intends for us not to just operate. Holiness is now a major part of your identity in Christ. We are to live every moment as if we are given over to His love, grace, and mission. It will change your ethics, your thinking, and your passions. So, right now, submit blissfully to the work of God in you and for you. The Lord has every intention to make holiness habitual in you.


For more on this idea, check out my book Habits for Our Holiness: How the Spiritual Disciplines Grow Us Up, Draw Us Together, and Send Us Out.

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