Beeline to the Cross by Joel Littlefield

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beelineJoel Littlefield is the associate pastor and worship leader at Calvary Chapel Crossville, Tennessee. He recently asked me to read and endorse his book Beeline to the Cross. I was happy to do so. About the book, I wrote,

Beeline to the Cross will ignite a passion and joy in your soul for what Jesus has done through the cross. Joel Littlefield gives us a powerful look into the work of Christ. It is enjoyable, accessible, and challenging.

You can find the book on Amazon. Just click HERE.

I asked Joel a few questions about writing and the book that I know you will find interesting.

PN: What lead you to write the book?
JL: Beeline to the Cross was originally inspired after I read a quote by Charles Spurgeon. He said regarding his preaching, “I take my text and make a beeline to the cross.” It hit me like a ton of bricks that this is not only the right and good philosophy for preaching, but for all of life. So it started with a six-part sermon series, then a few months later it began to churn in my mind to become a book. It was about a year later that it really began to come together.

PN: What is the primary message of Beeline to the Cross?
JL: As someone might guess just from the title: It’s really all about the cross of Christ. It’s about going there daily. It’s really about each and every person seeing their desperate need for making a beeline to the cross, because it is there that the most important thing in the world happened; the death of Christ for our redemption and the glory of the Father. I believe the cross is a subject that cannot be over-preached, whether in the Church or to the lost. My aim with this book was to start at the beginning and examine how the cross needs to be central to a person’s decision to follow Jesus; and every decision, circumstance and scenario thereafter.

PN: What part does Charles Spurgeon play in this book?
JL: I’m a huge fan of Spurgeon and have been for years. I think it’s mostly because of the power of his preaching and that every sermon really does come back to focus on the cross. Because his quote was the launching pad for the whole book idea, I felt it would be right to begin every chapter with a quote from Spurgeon that helps explain the content of that chapter. I guess it’s my way of honoring a great man of God whose writing and ministry has greatly inspired my life.

PN: Who is your primary audience for this book and what is your prayer for the reader?
JL: I wrote Beeline to the Cross primarily for the Christian, the disciple of Christ who is seeking every day to pick up his own cross. Though many in the Church know and profess that the cross is central to our faith as Christians, not many know what that actually means or how that looks in daily life. I want this book to clarify some of that and help bring a real joy to the believer. My prayer is that all who read this short book, whether believer or unbeliever, will conclude that the cross is the power of God unto salvation. I pray that every Christian who reads Beeline to the Cross will do just that; that they will realize that it is only at the cross where fears are calmed, questions are answered, joys are given, peace, reconciliation and forgiveness is found. I pray that this book will cause believers to go to the Word and grow deeper in their love for Christ and what He has done.


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