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20 Ways to Do Ministry that Costs Zero Dollars

September 6, 2016, 0 Comments

Church leaders are tempted constantly with the idea that everything the church does has a dollar amount attached to it. When we lean in this direction, we are simply wrong. The work of making disciples, evangelizing the lost, and effecting growth in the church can be done with zero money involved. Here is a short list of different things you can do as a church leader just to remind you that much of what we do does not cost any money. It is stuff that we can do as leaders and lead the membership of our church to do as well.

  1. Disciple someone
  2. Visit local business owners
  3. Befriend the school principal
  4. Pray with people
  5. Start a new Bible study group
  6. Volunteer with the hospital chaplain
  7. Hold an open Q&A group at your home
  8. Visit with the neighbors whose homes border your church property
  9. Train your church staff and lay leaders to be effective in their work
  10. Call all of your church’s Bible study leaders and encourage them
  11. Make the rounds at a local Assisted Living facility
  12. Volunteer to read stories to kids at a local library
  13. Call every person who has visited your church this year and invite them back
  14. Start an accountability group to read the Bible and pray for one another
  15. Make some new friends in your neighborhood
  16. Visit with local law enforcement officers and first responders
  17. Ask the mayor how you can pray for him/her and partner in the community
  18. Study diligently to prepare yourself to answer the tough questions of our age
  19. Present a verbal witness of the gospel to as many people as possible
  20. Invite everyone involved with the above 19 actions to worship services and Bible study groups

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