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Earlier this year, “Bible Studies for Life” sponsored a great online training event entitled “Disciple Thru.” During the event, various speakers helped us understand how discipleship happens in every arena of life. They covered topics such as social justice, stewardship, hardship, understanding the paranormal, success, tragedy, and life change. Here are some of the great quotes that came out of the event.

Disciple Thru Hospitality by Tony Merida

  • Practicing hospitality is not about being nice, it’s about putting on display the kingdom of God.
  • Jesus never started a school or a program, He just ate with people.

Disciple Thru Success by Eric Geiger

  • The Christian faith is something we receive; it is not something we achieve.
  • Just as God uses trials and pain to sanctify us, He can also use success.

Disciple Thru Social Justice Issues with Eric Mason

  • God is unique and set apart, therefore God’s peopel are to be unique and set apart as distinct in the world.
  • We must preach the gospel robustly, but with accessibility and simplicity.
  • We must develop principled pathways based on propositional truth to show how doctrine works out in every area of life.

Disciple Thru Stewardship by Chris Brown

  • The world handles money with entitlement. God’s people should handle money with gratitude and contentment.
  • As Christians, we don’t worship the provision, we worship the Provider.

Disciple Thru Hardship by Matt Capps

  • Christians should not see hardships as being an interruption, but an opportunity.
  • One of the most powerful apologetics for the Christian faith, is an unshakable trust in God’s providential hand.
  • If you are ever facing hardship and you wonder if God loves you, look to the cross.

Disciple Thru Cross-Cultural Ministry by Derwin Gray

  • In the New Testament, multi-ethnic church was not just a model of doing church, it was the church.
  • Proximity evolves into intimacy. It is hard to hate people up close.
  • Making disciples of all nations means making disciples of all people across the sea and across the street.

Disciple Thru Understanding the Paranormal with Jeremiah J. Johnston

  • There are two errors for Christians when it comes to the paranormal: fascination and ignoring it.
  • In the ministry of Christ, we see God invading the kingdom of Satan.
  • Unbelief fears Satan as a lion. Belief tramples Satan as a worm.

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