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September 23, 2016, 0 Comments

Here are five posts that I enjoyed this week plus a bonus social media post.

1. Ron Edmondson – I am a Pastor – And, I May Be Suffering from Burnout. Everything that Ron writes is necessary reading for pastors. In light of the public resignations and dismissals of large church pastors we’ve witnessed over the last two years, this is needed by all pastors.

2. Kara Powell, Jake Mulder, and Brad Griffin – Research Says: Young People Don’t Want Hip Pastors. A good word from Christianity Today about what people need, want, and what the research shows.

3. Antonia Blumber – Sleek Christian Books Deliver the Gospels to an Instagram Generation. Two guys who met at a Christian Bible study are producing printed versions of the four Gospels in a unique style. Dare I say it? They’re like a new form of the Gideons International. Very cool work.

4. Michael Bird – Academic Freedom in Crisis. Perhaps the arena of academic freedom is not one that you feel involved with on a daily basis. But, you are. Michael addresses the issues of how micro-aggression and micro-invalidation is making it difficult in the court of public opinion.

5. Katharine Trendacosta – Now Pottermore Lets You Find Out Your Patronus. For fans of the Harry Potter series, guessing about your patronus was only second behind guessing which Hogwarts house you wanted to be sorted into. The marketing geniuses behind the site Pottermore will now allow you to discover your patronus. J.K. Rowling got a heron.

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